Love to Swaddle Up Lite

Love to Swaddle Up Lite

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Love to Swaddle UP from Love to Dream, is the best baby swaddle on the market!

Allows baby to sleep in a natural position with arms up, giving them access to their hands for self soothing.  Self soothing helps baby sleep longer. Love To Swaddle up ensures your baby stays wrapped all night. 

This one is a lighter fabric and perfect for warmer weather.

The Genius of 'Swaddle UP':

  1. Arms UP in wing position may prevent your baby rolling onto their tummy.
  2. Swaddling your baby with arms UP can help them self-soothe and sleep longer.
  3. Startle relfex is calmed by ergonomically designed womb-like fit.
  4. Single layer of trans-seasonal fabric helps reduce the risk of overheating compared to multi-layered swaddles.
  5. Smart zip-UP design reduces the risk of swaddle unravelling whilst baby is sleeping.
  6. Hands in wings makes breastfeeding easy and means no more face scratching.
  7. Seam-free on the inside means increased comfort for your baby.
  8. Nappy changes and transportation from cot to stroller made easy with twin zipper design.

Highly recommend this product!!